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"Patients have to know that there are high risk and low risk coronary plaques. The presence of high risk plaques carries a serious prognostic risk."

- Associate Professor Naylin Bissessor M.D. PHD, Cardiologist


Cardiobis is a cardiac club

designed to  educate you on the  prevention and treatment of heart attacks


Weight loss is not "mind over matter," it's "mind over pancreas."

Eat slowly so that pancreatic function can better process digestion  with less storage from insulin

Feed your pancreas not your heart

7AM BREAKFAST - Slow feeding over 30 minutes 

  • Food volume depends on physical activity: Small bowl if no exercise, otherwise medium

  • Rolled oats (or equivalent) and one tea or coffee 

  • 2 oranges or mixed yoghurt fruit bowl (natural), can include natural carbs (e.g. bananas)

10AM SNACK - Slow feeding over 15 minutes

  • Optional

  • Smoked salmon on multigrain toast or vegan equivalent or nuts (eg. almonds or macadamia)


12PM-2PM LUNCH - Slow feeding over 30 minutes

  • Vegetarian salad bowl with no dressing except extra virgin olive oil or lemon juice, can include natural carbs (eg. potatoes)

3PM-5PM AFTERNOON SNACK - Slow feeding over 15 minutes 

  • Optional

  • Transition to no carbs

  • Smoked salmon and avacado or vegan equivalent or nuts (eg. almonds or macadamia)


7PM DINNER - Slow feeding over 30 minutes

  • No carbs and no sugars

  • Protein (eg. fish, chicken or lean red meat with minimal fat) and green vegetable (e.g. broccoli, spinach)

FLUIDS (water or green tea) - 2 litres per day

Interested in becoming a club memberClick below to learn more!

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