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Cardiobis is an education website suitable for everyone

So learn today  about the latest information on heart attacks, blockages & coronary plaques

Want to see the recommendations, full diet and exercise plan as well as take courses for a more scientific background and evidence based information?

Join the club today

Membership includes:

Recommendations to reduce insulin activity and prevent fat storage, including full exercise and scientific dietary recommendation 

You'll be able to connect with the Doctor, ask questions, learn module by module, take quizzes, and more.


Here's an example of some of the courses you'll get access to. Improve your medical knowledge about heart disease to impact your life from a real expert:

  • 101 The Basics - The principles of lifestyle management: Dietary Intervention, Insulin activity, healthy feeding habits, exercise 

  • 102 Heart attacks and blockages

  • 103 Symptoms , signs and diagnosis of a heart attack

  • 104 Prevention of heart attacks

  • Plus many more lifestyle management courses including diet, exercise and medication, etc.


Cardiology is a rapidly expanding medical discipline with technological advancement. This has evolved from our  quest for a healthy heart.

There are millions of research papers which provide the evidence to treat and prevent heart attacks.

On this site, we present evidence-based data in a simple and logical sequence.  The aim is to understand coronary artery disease and provide  cardiac wellness principles to promote rehabilitation and well being

Dr Naylin Bissessor is a highly qualified associate professor in cardiology with an in depth understanding of clinical coronary artery

disease and cardiac wellness

Practicing cardiologist (clinical and intervention) in  current private practice.

He has a vast knowledge and experience in treating coronary artery disease and cardiac wellness.

 Qualified to practice in four countries Australia, USA, New Zealand and South Africa

Fellow of the Royal Australian college of Physicians (RACP)

Completed training  as a cardiologist in Brisbane Australia

 Conducted research in the USA  and worked on a  PHD whilst at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)


His recommendations and clinical opinion are based on the latest evidence in the medical literature, guidelines and technological advancement in cardiology.

The experience and knowledge comes from an M.D.  qualification - MBChB medical practitioner (gp) with sports medicine interests, Physician training (RACP), Cardiology fellowship training (FRACP),   PHD in heart valve disease and exercise testing, advanced cardiology fellowship training in interventional cardiology- angiograms stents OCT IVUS FFR 

and most importantly combined with clinical experience in treating patients.

enhance your knowledge and join the club.

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